...and some quiet prose.

6 June 1973
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INGREDIENTS: Passion for life, thirst for knowledge, insane sense of humor, frequent laughter, follows politics, avid tv/movie watcher, many years of real estate-related information stored in memory, strong desire to avoid dress shirts with ties, gravitates toward those who are mentally stimulating, spends time with his family, enjoys walking on the grass barefoot when the weather allows, loves snapping random photos, yearns for good conversation over great coffee, thinks laughter through tears is his favorite emotion, wants to become an avid painter despite having never painted a single thing, horrible at saving money, enjoys spending money on friends and family (see previous ingredient), enjoys buying books that will unlikely be read, self aware, driven, basic over-achiever, thinks carefully before acting, very loyal but also too quick to let a friendship go if he's been wronged, known self-sabotager, working on breaking the habit of cursing like a drunken sailor, positive minded, tries to avoid judging others unless your are just too fucked-up for that to be avoided, avoids Hollywood gossip television shows at all costs, enjoys wearing shorts and flip-flops to the office, enjoys a good Starbucks coffee, budding cake maker, madly in love with the ocean and can spend many hours just sitting on the beach in awe, avoids doing dishes, not a fan of the kind of surprises you know are coming, rarely puts car in 6th gear, types fast, enjoys leadership roles and developing others, doesn't have any tolerance for bigotry, racism, sexism or homophobia.